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Crus Scholars Program

Crus Scholar internship program, which was designed to help students enhance their future career opportunities by gaining experience in developing a relevant research project with guidance from a faculty mentor from within Metallurgical Engineering in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Topics of high interest currently include development of recycling processes, processes for minimizing waste, and biomedical devices.

Current Undergraduate Crus Scholars 


Low-Cost, Large-Scale Metal Recovery from Electronic Waste to ENhance Recycling and REduce Environmental Impact 

Jayson Benedict (mentored by Prof. Michael Free)


Limiting the Corrosion Rate in Chloride-Based Salts for Solar Thermal Applications

Olivia Dale (mentored by Prof. Michael Simpson)

Molten salts have the potential to revolutionize the collecting of electricity. Chloride-based molten salts can operate at higher temperatures and in turn produce more electricity compared to nitrate-based salts. The redox potential of the chloride salts is much greater at higher temperatures and can easily corrode common alloys. In this study, the electrochemical effect of adding magnesium metal MgCl2-KCl-NaCl salt mixture was investigated. Open circuit potentiometry, cyclic voltammetry, tafel slopes, and solubility tests were conducted to see if the addition of magnesium metal could be an advantageous medium to control redox potential in the MgCl2-KCl-NaCl salt. This work will be presented at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers 2019 annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. The work will soon be published in a paper entitled, "Metal Dissolution in Molten Salts for Redox Control." 


Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Functionalization for Tuberculosis Diagnostics

Jano Farah (mentored by Prof. Swomitra Mohanty) 


Dental Pulp Capping

Jerry Howard (mentored by Prof. Krista Carlson)

When the pulp of a tooth is threatened by a deep cavity, a material known as a pulp-cap is often used to protect the tooth and prevent a root canal. Jerry's research project is on the development and characterization of novel self-setting pulp capping materials composed of sodium metasilicate and calcium phosphate glasses. He took third place in the biomaterials division of the TMS 2019 Research Poster Competition, and second place in the University of Utah Materials Advantage Poster Competition. A manuscript based on this research is currently under review. 




characterization of the surface chemical properties of gold-containing auriferous sulfides
Tristan Lundgreen (mentored by Prof. Jan Miller)

Tristan's research involves characterization of the surface chemistry properties of gold-containing auriferous sulfides such as pyrite and arsenopyrite. Using what he learns, he hops to identify and solve major efficiency problems in the flotation process of gold mines— specifically those who have ore deposits with high concentrations of dolomite and calcite. To do this, he will analyze particle surfaces using SEM imaging, measure relative surface charges under a wide variety of conditions, and determine trends in flotation response. So far, he has learned a great deal about the properties of arsenopyrite and will soon be studying pyrite in depth. 

previous Undergraduate Crus Scholars 

Casey Elliott

Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes for Water Filtration
Mentored by Dr. Krista Carlson

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Tanner Livingston

Recycling Solar Panels and Lithium Ion Batteries
Mentored by Dr. York Smith

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Alec Mittelstadt

Reducing Waste and Minimizing Cost
Mentored by Dr. Krista Carlson

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Olivia Pratt

Development of Sensor Technology for Food Safety
Mentored by Dr. Mano Misra 

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Alexander Reifsnyder

Gas Filtration Using Aerogels

Mentored by Dr. Krista Carlson 

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Ashley Timmerman

Detecting Pharmaceuticals in Water
Mentored by Dr. Swomitra Mohanty

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Last Updated: 6/1/21